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    Explore Our Dance Classes for Weddings

    We offer private, personalized dance classes, so that you and your partner can feel confident while performing your unique, unforgettable, wedding dance.

    At Vivo Dance Studio, we know how important the first dance is on your big day!

    You need someone who is going to get the best out of you and capture your personalities, creating a routine that will be memorable for years to come.

    When you start your journey with us to create your wedding dance, it is important to note that you do not necessarily need to have anything already planned such as the music. Dance style, duration and budget.

    Our team of experts will assist and guide you to finalize all of the above criteria, however if you already have an idea in mind, it will help.


    Wedding Dance Classes 

    • No experience needed
    • Flexible timings for your private classes
    • Personalized dance routine to you style and personality
    • Fun and romantic way to spend time together with your loved one
    • More than 15 dance styles to choose frome

    The Process

    Step 1: Trial dance class

    In the initial introduction class we will work together to decide on the below criteria.

    Dance style: we have a wide range of Ballroom and Social dance styles for you to choose from.

    Duration: we will determine the duration of your dance based on the chosen style

    Music: we will help select the song to which you will perform. We are able to incorporate a few different songs together should you require this.

    Select the dance:

    Trial the dance moves: you will perform a few basic moves from the dance style you selected to get a general feel and idea of the dance and see if it is what you would like. If not, we will repeat the process until you find the style you are looking for.

    Professional recommendation: One of our dance instructors, will recommend the number of classes you require and create the dream dance tailored to your needs.

    Step 2: Attending dance classes

    Once we have finalized the details of your dance instructor and schedule, you will start attending the classes to master your dance before your big day.

    During the classes you will learn the below:

    Create the dance with moves that feel comfortable to you

    Develop muscle memory so that the dance moves come naturally to you

    You will reach a point of enjoyment in the dance

    without having to think about what to do

    Step 3: Perform your wedding dance and wow your guests!
    • nothing

      AED 1
      • classes
      • Valid
      • 24 Hours Cancelations
      • Same Day Cancelations
      • Professional Photoshoot during one of the classes
      • Cost per class if need to add more
    • Last Minute Romance

      AED 1220
      • 4 individual classes
      • 1 Month
      • Unlimited
      • 1
      • No
      • 305 AED
      • Perfect for when you’re short on time, or just need a few basic moves.
    • Elegant Romance

      AED 2240
      • 8 individual classes
      • 2 Month
      • Unlimited
      • 1
      • Yes
      • 280 AED
      • Perfect for when you are after a simple, elegant routine.
    • Glamorous Romance

      AED 4080
      • 16 individual classes
      • 3 Month
      • Unlimited
      • 1
      • Yes
      • 255 AED
      • A great option if you want to have enough time to really perfect the steps and fully prepared and confident.